Over 9,000 fish dead (including carp), researchers left in the lurch

A power failure caused by a corroded switch has led to the death of over 9,000 fish in the Biological Science Aquatics Facility at the University of Alberta. Read the full story here.

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Fill your senses during Wichita’s annual Water Garden Tour (including koi!)

A 30,000-gallon pond, which was once an in-ground swimming pool, is just one of the many water features you can visit during a water garden and pond tour in Wichita next weekend. Read the full story here.

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Koi ponds highlight Saratoga plans

....Also budgeted is $250,000 for improvements to Hakone Gardens Koi Pond. An analysis of the Koi pond during development of the Hakone Gardens Master Plan revealed that the water filtration system needs to be replaced for the health of the Koi pond ecosystem. Read the full story here.

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(Koi Inspired) Handcrafted woodworking at its finest

Local woodworker, Shawn Coles, has finished one of his biggest projects he has worked on. The owner of Silver Fox Creations makes creative and unique custom pieces, using some of the best wood possible. The recent project he worked on was of koi fish. It was a project which represented a lot of what he [...]

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Monmia Primary School to host its annual art fair

More than 300 art works will adorn the walls at Monmia Primary School later this month.  “We learnt about koi fish in Japanese and art classes,” Miss Farrugia says. “I like how they are swimming around the plants.” See Article

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