Koi Anatomy

Koi Anatomy: Skeletal


koi fish skeleton anatomy diagram

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Koi Anatomy: External


koi anatomy diagram (external)

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Koi Anatomy: Internal


koi internal organs diagram

Click on image to enlarge koi internal organs diagram



One Response to Koi Anatomy

  1. Doug Siebenaler says:

    Just discovered this web page. Great info.

    I too have had goldfish since I was 10 or so ( now 62) they never lived long until I established a small 200 gal pond in 1975 (fish wintered inside). This pond became home for my 2 koi about 18 years ago, again they were wintered inside. This year I installed a 1500 gal pond for my (2) 20″ koi and 7 goldfish ( ancestors of some of the original)

    Thanks again

    Doug S.

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