Pond Pride

Take some inspiration from your fellow koi pond owners by checking out their ponds.

(if you want to know more about a pond you see, click on the “i” icon below the image)

Please feel free to send in your pond pics to be added to this gallery.


2 Responses to Pond Pride

  1. Walter santo says:

    Hello I have 5 koi two are over 15 inches long and I have like 20 goldfish had to do pond over this year because of leak I couldn’t find so at the end of this April 2016 I did it over put koi and goldfish in holding tanks I use all micro-lift products I have had the pond for 5 years now this year I have an algae bloom from he’ll never seen one or had one like it the test kit says which is the micro-lift 5in one test stripes the ph is 8.5 the n test both at zero the hardness is 150 I have add spring clean, pl, pond salt 1 cup for every 100 gallons have a medium size waterfall 3 air stones the pond is around 1500 gallons the pump is 2700 gph and the bio-box or waterfall box I have handles 2800 gph the fish are fine they are swimming good eating like pigs the two big ones actual ate the 7 tadpoles I put in first time that happen I even add the micro-lift barley straw concentrate extract plus peat liquid what else can I do it’s been green since April around the 17th what else can I do I am ready to drain and start agian any help will be much appreciated thank you Walter

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