• Aquascape IonGen ionizer
    • Outdoor weatherproof Control Panel
    • Easy to read digital display
    • Adjustable ionization level
    • Indicator notifies you when the probe needs to be replaced
    • Cable to transformer (12' long) and probe (15' long)
    • Tool-free probe installation
    • Angled probe helps deflect debris and reduce clogging
    • 2" threaded inlet and outlet
    • Durable quick connect electrical connections
  • • Create an environment that algae just don't like with barley straw extract. • Especially good at preventing new crops of algae from forming. 8 oz. treats up to 1,600 gallons 16 oz. treats up to 3,200 gallons 32 oz. treats up to 6,400 gallons 64 oz. treats up to 12,800 gallons 1 gal. treats up to 50,000 gallons  
  • Green Clean Algae Control

    Fast, Reliable Algae Control! An EPA-registered, non-copper algaecide that kills existing string algae on contact! Visible results in minutes. May be used in ornamental ponds and water gardens containing live fish and plants. 

    For treating string algae and dense green water:

    2-lb (4 cups) Green Clean will treat up to 4,000 gallons  8-lb (16 cups) Green Clean will treat up to 16,000 gallons 20-lb (40 cups) Green Clean will treat up to 40,000 gallons 50-lb (100 cups) Green Clean will treat up to 100,000 gallons For easy reference, 0.5 lb = 1 cup Green Clean
  • Microbe-Lift Koi Clay

    • Removes toxins from pond water • Beneficial to fish, colors will be more vivid • Adds minerals otherwise lost to use by fish and plants • Inhibits and kills string algae • Clings to toxins and heavy metals, takes them to the bottom where they can be vacuumed or enter the filtration system    
  • Microbe-Lift PL dosage instructions microbe-lift pl

    Microbe-Lift PL

    • Promote beneficial bacteria  • Eliminate excess nutrients • Improves fish health • Boost sluggish bacterial colonies • 3-5 yr shelf life
  • 2 great products in 1 handy package! Combines the #1 selling bacterial pond additive on the market with an EPA Registered granular algaecide! Most effective when Microbe-Lift PL is applied THREE DAYS AFTER the use of GreenClean.  Note: Be sure to test your water as Green Clean can raise pH.
  • 03142-Pondcare-accu-clear-64oz. Pond-Care-Accu-Clear-2

    Pond Care Accu Clear

    Quickly clears cloudy pond water by causing tiny suspended particles of dirt and debris to clump together. Keeps pond clean during peak summer months. Treats up to 2400-gallons per 8 oz. • 16 oz. will treat up to 4,800 gallons • 32 oz. will treat up to 9,600 gallons • 64 oz. will treat up to 19,200 gallons • 1 gal (128 oz.) will treat up to 38,400 gallons
  • Pond Logic Twilight Blue Pond Dye 32oz Pond Logic Concentrated pond dye 1
    • Shades your pond and fish from the sunlight that helps algae grow • Available in Nature's Blue, Twilight Blue and Black • Has added beneficial bacteria to "eat up" excess nutrients making your water healthier • Concentrated formula so it goes farther • Safe for your pond, fish, plants and pets • 128 oz. size    
  • Pond-zyme-plus Pond-zyme-plus-both-sizesjpg
    • Heavy duty pond cleaner
    • Product tested and safe for ponds with some salt as well as fresh water 
    • Cleaner ponds equal longer fish and aquatic life
    • Cleans and clarifies pond water
    • Eliminates troublesome organic sludge and debris to create and maintain clear koi ponds
    • 100% natural
    • Treats up to 8,000 gallons per 8 oz.
    • Safe for fish and pond plants
  • 03169-algaefix-1-gal. PondCare-AlgaeFix

    PondCare AlgaeFix

    Pond Care's Algae fix can be placed in the “copper based” category of algaecides.  Copper-based algaecides are typically in the form of chelated copper (which lasts longer than other forms).  Its effective as an algaecide because it disrupts algae cell metabolism which ultimately causes the death of the algae.  • 8 oz. will treat up to 2,400 gallons • 16 oz. will treat up to 4,800 gallons • 32 oz. will treat up to 9,600 gallons • 64 oz. will treat up to 19,200 gallons • 1 gal. will treat up to 38,400 gallons • 2.5 gal. will treat up to 96,000 gallons
    • 100% bentonite clay that removes impurities such as heavy metals and replenishes essential minerals.
    • Enhances habitat on bottom of koi pond.
    • Enhances the production of enzymes in all living organisms
    • Reduce toxins.
    • Improves water quality
    • Inhibits and kills string algae
    • Provides essential minerals to aquatic plants
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