• A special blend of highly activated carbon that removes colors, odors, and poisonous waste from your pond water.   • Treats up to 800 gallons for up to 8 weeks  
  • Aquascape IonGen ionizer
    • Outdoor weatherproof Control Panel
    • Easy to read digital display
    • Adjustable ionization level
    • Indicator notifies you when the probe needs to be replaced
    • Cable to transformer (12' long) and probe (15' long)
    • Tool-free probe installation
    • Angled probe helps deflect debris and reduce clogging
    • 2" threaded inlet and outlet
    • Durable quick connect electrical connections
  • laguna clear flo koi pond filter laguna clear flo koi pond filter

    Laguna Clear-Flo Pond Filter

    All-in-one pressurized filtering system that provides mechanical, biological and UV sterilization for clear and healthy pond water. Designed to work with solids-blocking or solids- handling pumps. Universal click-fit fast couplings for 3/4”, 1”, and 1-1/4” hose connections. Revolutionary backwash cleaning system. 16’ cord. (Pond sizes relevant to unit size are dependent on fish load and sun/shade conditions of pond). ClearFlo 1000 For ponds up to 475 gallons. Max-Flo 600 pump and 13 Watt UV bulb ClearFlo 2000  For ponds up to 1000 gallons. Max-Flo 960 pump and 13 Watt UV bulb ClearFlo 3000 For ponds up to 1500 gallons. Max-Flo 2000 and 24 Watt UV bulb ClearFlo 4000 For ponds up to 2000 gallons. Max-Flo 2400 pump and 36 Watt UV bulb
  • filter media close up filter media (box)
    Size: 12.3 oz.
    Laguna's BioMax Biological Filter Media provide a tremendous amount of surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize.  The filter media together with beneficial bacteria help to maintain healthy pond conditions by removing toxic ammonia and nitrites. Additionally, this filter media is easy to clean when the time comes.
  • lifegard all-in-one filter (triple) Lifegard-All-In-One-Pond-Filter-System
    • 13 Watt Ultraviolet Sterilizer with separate 20' cord
    • 2-Stage High Capacity Mechanical Filtration (2 types of sponges) to remove solids.
    • UV Light Indicator to notice if bulb is operating.
    • Quiet, Efficient QUIET-ONE PUMP with 20' power cord.
    • Water Feature Spray Attachment with Ball-Joint Leveling Device to keep spray vertical even when pond bottom is not level.
    • Biological Filter for Bacteria Growth.
    • Maintenance Handle provides easy access to remove from water.
  • matala biosteps 10
    • 200 square feet of surface area for beneficial bacteria growth • 2 year manufacturer's warranty • Mechanical & Biological Filtration in one unit • Best for ponds up to 2700 gallons • Max flow rate: 1060 gph • Can daisy chain multiple filters for heavier stocked ponds • Easy to maintain/clean
  • Matala biosteps 10 spillway attachment
    • 11 inch wide spillway • Maximum flow is approx. 1000 gph • Creates a pleasant waterfall and increases dissolved oxygen  
  • matala black super coarse filter media Matala-Filter-Media all options

    Matala Filter Media

    Rigid and extremely durable. Versatile filter media is perfect for use in biological filters, settling tanks, and pump pre-filters. Simply cut Matala™ to size with a standard serrated kitchen knife to accommodate use in existing filter. Offered in four densities: BLACK (super-coarse), GREEN (coarse) BLUE (fine)  GRAY (super-fine) Half Sheet Size - 39” x 23.5” x 1.5” 
  • (52345) Microbe-lift PL (1qt.) microbe-lift PL diff. sizes

    Microbe-Lift PL

    • Promote beneficial bacteria  • Eliminate excess nutrients • Improves fish health • Boost sluggish bacterial colonies • 3-5 yr shelf life
  • • Speeds nitrification and water clarity • Ideal surface for nitrifying bacteria to colonize and thrive on • Provides very high surface area per unit volume for superior biological filtration • Excellent for oxygen and gas exchange
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