• AquaLife Salt for Ponds

    • Essential for healthy fish • Enhances slime coat production • Helps control disease outbreaks • Pure salt and essentials for fish. Contains nothing harmful to pond life
  • Aquascape pond salt 9 lb. Aquascape-pond-salt-2lb.

    Aquascape Pond Salt

    • Helps reduce the harmful effects of excess nitrite • Provides osmotic relief to koi • Salt baths can combat external parasites and treat fungal infections. • Improves oxygen update in gills • Helps promote a koi's natural slime coat    
  • 8.0 ounces Treats: • Trematodes (flukes) • Tapeworms • Flatworms -Won't damage filtration system and will treat up to 1,250 gallons. -NOT available for shipment to California.
  • microbe-lift broad spectrum 1 gal. microbe-lift broad spectrum- 32 oz.
    •  Very effective on many kinds of parasites •  Can be used in water temps as low as 50 deg. F •  Safer formula than most broad spectrum brands
  • microbe-lift ich out 32 oz. microbe-lift ich out 32 oz.

    Microbe-Lift Ich Out

    • Safe and effective ich treatment • Won’t affect biological filtration Note: be sure to remove carbon filter prior to addition of Ich Out to your pond.
  • pondcare pond salt pondcare-salt

    Pond Care Pond Salt

    • Short-term salt baths will aid in killing external parasites and treating fungal infections. • Provides osmotic relief to koi • Improves oxygen update in gills • Helps reduce the harmful effects of nitrite • Naturally made from evaporated seawater
  • pond-care-stress-coat-large-image pond-care-stress-coat-large-image
    • Encourages slime coat replenishment • Removes chlorine and conditions tap water     1 ounce will treat 120 gallons     16 oz. will treat 1,920 gallons    32 oz. will treat 3,840 gallons    64 oz. will treat 7,680 gallons    1 gal. will treat 15,360 gallons
  • pondcare mela fix 64 oz. Mela-fix

    Pondcare Mela Fix

    • Kills bacteria on sores and ulcers • Kills fungus growing on your fish • Won't harm your beneficial filter bacteria • Won't affect pH • Works fast • Speeds healing of stubborn sores • Can be used on all freshwater fish as well as saltwater fish  
  • Pondcare Pimafix 16oz. Pondcare Pimafix 64oz
    •  Fights fungal infections •  Fights bacterial infections (internal and external) •  Derived from West Indian Bay Tree •  Can be used in tandem with Mela-fix Note: 16 ounce Pimafix can treat 2,400 ..........gallons            64 ounce Pimafix can treat 9,600 ..........gallons
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