• Aquascape Pond Air 2 Pond Air 2 and 4 by aquascape
    • The strong outer housing protects the pump from becoming easily damaged
    • A thick rubber gasket separates the two halves of the air pump, reducing noise and preventing vibration
    • The wide, flat shape base of the pump makes it stable and easy to place
    • The integrated rubber feet prevents noise and vibration keeping the pump stable so there is no movement from its intended position
    • The replaceable diaphragm and assembly cartridge makes this pump simple and inexpensive to service
    • 3 Year Limited Warranty
    • FREE Shipping!
  • Airmax-PondAir-Pond-Aerator-Systems pond logic PondAir air pumps
    • 2 stone aerator (4 watts) appropriate for up 1000 gallons • 4 stone aerator (8 watts) appropriate for up 2000 gallons
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