Pond Logic KoiAir Aerator Pump Kit


• Highly efficient aerator pump

• Self-weighted airline -25 ft. (resistant to kinks and snags)

• Diffuser plate assembly

• Membrane diffuser sticks (nearly maintenance free, easier than stones)

• 3-year warranty

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Choosing from either a 17 or 35 watt pump, these whisper-quiet Pond Logic® SilentAir™ aerator pumps are the heart and soul of the KoiAir™ aeration units. Costing virtually nothing to run, you can feel good about providing constant aeration to your pond.  These kits are meant to be complete and easy-to-setup system.  The kit includes the following:

• Pump

• Self-weighted airline (25 ft.)

• Diffuser plate (the 17 watt pump comes with one plate and two diffuser sticks & the 35 watt pump comes with two plates and four diffuser sticks)

• Membrane diffuser sticks

• 3-year manufacturer’s warranty 

Producing 0.80 CFM, the 17 watt system is most appropriate for ponds 2000 to 8000 gallons.

Producing 1.7 CFM, the 35 watt system is most appropriate for ponds 9000 to 16,000 gallons.


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