Aqua Ultraviolet Classic Series



• 14 month lamp life – the longest in the industry!

• Kills green water algae

• Size options are 3/4″ or 2″ inlet/outlet

• Color is white and comes with the quartz sleeve wiper cleaning system.

• For installation information see this helpful video.


If you want to kill microbes, harmful bacteria and free floating algae then  UV is the way to go. These sterilizer/clarifier units are designed to blast those unwanted particles with powerful ultraviolet rays all the while contained in a convenient in-line unit.

• 8 Watt best for: 200 gallons as a sterilizer, 1500 gallons as a clarifier

• 15 Watt best for: 500 gallons as a sterilizer, 2000 gallons as a clarifier

• 25 Watt best for:  1200 gallons as a sterilizer, 4000 gallons as a clarifier



Additional information

Inlet/outlet size

3/4", 2"

Strength (Watts)

8W, 15W, 25W

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