Aquascape Praziquantel Parasite Treatment


8.0 ounces


• Trematodes (flukes)

• Tapeworms

• Flatworms

-Won’t damage filtration system and will treat up to 1,250 gallons.

-NOT available for shipment to California.

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aquascape praziquantel


Aquascape’s Praziquantel is known as being one of the most effective treatments against aquatic parasites afflicting your koi -especially when treating for flukes.  Good koi health starts with quality water and filtration so though this will do a number on flukes, tapeworms and flatworms its not a replacement for being vigilant about your water chemistry.  But for those times when a lapse in water quality allows parasites to run a muck, turn to Praziquantel.  Many pond owners already do.

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