Floating Pond Plant Protector by Nycon


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• Full Coverage: Protects your aquatic plants from top to bottom

• Save time and money by protecting your pond plants from hungry koi

• Choose from two sizes:

         2′ wide, 18″ deep

         3′ wide, 30″ deep

• Made in the U.S.A.

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Do you have a problem with your koi nibbling at your aquatic plants?  The Nycon pond plant protector might be the solution that you need.  This funnel-shaped netting keeps your long-stem aquatic plants like water lilies safe from koi damage. Simply slip over your pond planter for full protection of tender emergent stalks or place pots at the bottom for a complete net shroud that extends all the way to the top.  Its especially essential for koi ponds with water lilies, water hyacinths or lotus plants.

Sizes available: 

1) 2 feet diameter, 18 inches deep

2) 3 feet diameter, 30 inches deep


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2 ft wide, 3 ft wide

2 reviews for Floating Pond Plant Protector by Nycon

  1. Susan R.

    So far, so good -my water hyacinths are still in one piece!

  2. Diana H.

    This solved an on-going problem I was having with my plants getting destroyed -thanks!

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