Green Clean Algae Control


Fast, Reliable Algae Control!

An EPA-registered, non-copper algaecide that kills existing string algae on contact! Visible results in minutes. May be used in ornamental ponds and water gardens containing live fish and plants. 

For treating string algae and dense green water:

2-lb (4 cups) Green Clean will treat up to 4,000 gallons 

8-lb (16 cups) Green Clean will treat up to 16,000 gallons

20-lb (40 cups) Green Clean will treat up to 40,000 gallons

50-lb (100 cups) Green Clean will treat up to 100,000 gallons

For easy reference, 0.5 lb = 1 cup Green Clean



green-clean algaecide

One of the newer products on the market, “Green Clean” kills algae via oxidation and the results are very rapid.  There is no residue and it is not copper based.  Though it is advertised as a “broad spectrum” algaecide users have reported that it is best for string algae and not ideal for green water (free floating) algae.

Note: It is best to turn waterfall pumps off, treat waterfall, wait 20 min. then turn pumps back on.

Note: may raise pH up by a factor of 1 -may need to test water in days after application.

Check out the first 4 minutes of this demonstration…

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