Laguna Air Pump Kit


  • 50 watts
  • For ponds up to 7000 gals.
  • 70 LPM
  • 12 air outlets
  • Air Tube Length: 32 feet
  • Power cord length: 32 feet
  • Sound Output: 60dB at 1 foot distance
  • FREE shipping!



Laguna’s low-wattage pump generates powerful and continuous air circulation quietly and with energy efficiency. The pump requires no lubrication and is certified for outdoor use (not submersible).

In summer aeration promotes a healthy ecosystem and helps bacteria break down fish waste.  In winter, this pump will help keep a hole open in the ice which allows healthy gas exchange in your pond water.

Includes accessories listed below.

  • 50-Watt Air Pump
  • Two air stones (4″ dia)
  • Chrome-coated metal manifold
  • Winter safe air tubing

  Size: 6″H x 6″W


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