Microbe-Lift Koi Clay


• Removes toxins from pond water

• Beneficial to fish, colors will be more vivid

• Adds minerals otherwise lost to use by fish and plants

• Inhibits and kills string algae

• Clings to toxins and heavy metals, takes them to the bottom where they can be vacuumed or enter the filtration system




It is said the secret to healthy, colorful, Japanese koi is the clay mud in which they are raised. MICROBE-LIFT/Calcium Montmorillonite Clay comes from one of the highest calcium clay deposits in the world. Calcium based clay may help your pond water to produce some of the healthiest and deep colored koi you’ve ever raised (or seen)! The koi’s markings will become brighter and more dominant.

Plastic pre-formed ponds, as well as vinyl, cement and rubber ponds, do not have any nutrients on their bottom. In the wild, carp use mud to get many of their micronutrients and minerals. MICROBE-LIFT/Calcium Montmorillonite Clayhas a negative electric charge which will bind the clay particles to positively charged toxins in the water. MICROBE-LIFT/Calcium Montmorillonite Clay is not only a nutrient source for koi, it will also “polish” your pond water. The clay acts as a natural flocculent and the particles that are bound up are filtered out of the pond.

The clay can help make pond water sparkling clean (polishing).

Clay is used in ponds to achieve many goals:

  • Provides fish nutrition through mineral ingestion
  • Improves fish color
  • Detoxifies and clarifies pond water (polishing)

Directions for use: One tablespoon per 1,000 gallons every other day for the first 2 weeks. On the third week, only dose one or two days per week.

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3 reviews for Microbe-Lift Koi Clay

  1. Pam

    “My Koi love this stuff!”

  2. Shawn

    “We’ve found that it goes a long way in keeping your koi healthy and colorful.”

  3. Kenneth S.

    “Its a great product, I’ve been using it for almost 13 years. Really great for my koi and goldfish as well as clearing the pond water.”

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