Microbe-Lift/Green Clean Algae Kit


2 great products in 1 handy package!
Combines the #1 selling bacterial pond additive on the market with an EPA Registered granular algaecide! Most effective when Microbe-Lift PL is applied THREE DAYS AFTER the use of GreenClean. 

Note: Be sure to test your water as Green Clean can raise pH.


Besides UV sterilizers, one of best things you can do for your pond is adding additional beneficial bacteria.  This is especially true during spring time when your filter media is not ramped up like it would be in summer.  One of the more popular products on the market for getting your bacteria populations up is called Microbe Lift PL.  Its generally a good idea to give your bacteria a boost from time to time but when it comes to algae you may find yourself in a cycle where the algae dies (either naturally or via algaecides), it decomposes on the bottom and causes high levels of nutrients like ammonia and nitrates and those nutrients then fuel the next generation of algae.  Adding the beneficial bacteria will allow the nutrients to be assimilated before they become available for more algae thereby starving out future algal growth.

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