OASE Pondovac Classic


• Single chamber vacuum system 

• Features 4 suction nozzles: crevices, algae, sludge and flat nozzle.

• Maximum suction depth of 7 feet.

• 2 year warranty



oase pondvac classic


An innovative yet easy to handle pond vacuum that effortlessly sucks up sludge particles, algae, mud, dead plants and decaying leaves.  Use the collected organic debris as natural fertilizer for garden/planting applications.


  • Special nozzles for precise vacuuming between stones and plants.
  • Wide nozzle for problem-free wet vacuuming of residual water.
  • Special nozzle for removing string algae.

Power consumption: 1200 W/1400 W max.
Suction hose:
14 ft.
Discharge hose:
 7 ft.

Power cord length: 14 ft.


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