OASE Pondovac 3


• The 2- chamber vacuum system allows for uninterrupted operation without any loss of suction during drain cycles.

• Features 4 suction nozzles: crevices, algae, sludge and flat nozzle.

• Maximum suction depth of 7 feet.

• 27 liter (7.13 gal.) tank.



An innovative yet easy to handle pond vacuum that effortlessly sucks up sludge particles, algae, mud, dead plants and decaying leaves.


  • Special nozzles for precise vacuuming between stones and plants.
  • Wide nozzle for problem-free wet vacuuming of residual water.
  • Special nozzle for removing string algae.

Power consumption: 1200 W/1400 W max.
Suction hose:
16 ft.
Discharge hose:
8 ft.

Power cord length: 13 ft.


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