Pond Stress Coat by Pond Care


• Encourages slime coat replenishment

• Removes chlorine and conditions tap water

    1 ounce will treat 120 gallons 

   16 oz. will treat 1,920 gallons

   32 oz. will treat 3,840 gallons

   64 oz. will treat 7,680 gallons

   1 gal. will treat 15,360 gallons

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Replaces the natural mucous slime coating on the skin of pond fish to prevent the loss of essential electrolytes. Contains aloe vera to help heal wounds and torn fins.  Will also remove chlorine and condition your tap water.

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16oz., 32oz., 64oz., 1 gal.

3 reviews for Pond Stress Coat by Pond Care

  1. Brad T.

    When I do water changes I always use stress coat and have yet to lose a fish.
    -Brad T.

  2. Laney M.

    I have used it with success for years.Great product for water treatment.
    Ted H.

  3. Tom K.

    In my experience, this particular solution for fish stress has proven to be the most beneficial for my 1000 gallon pond.

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