Pondcare Mela Fix


• Kills bacteria on sores and ulcers

• Kills fungus growing on your fish

• Won’t harm your beneficial filter bacteria

• Won’t affect pH

• Works fast

• Speeds healing of stubborn sores

• Can be used on all freshwater fish as well as saltwater fish


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Got bacterial or fungal issues?  Mela-Fix is really great at handling those superficial ulcers, scrapes and stubborn sores that won’t heal.  An extract of the Melaleuca tree (which naturally has antibacterial properties) Mela-Fix is very effective at killing the bacteria on ulcers and sores yet not harming the beneficial bacteria on your filter media.  Can be used with koi and goldfish (or any other freshwater fish) in your pond.

Note: 16 oz. bottle treats up to 4,800 gallons

           64 oz. bottle treats up to 19,000 gallons

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16 oz., 64 oz.

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