Pondcare Pimafix Anti-fungal


•  Fights fungal infections

•  Fights bacterial infections (internal and external)

•  Derived from West Indian Bay Tree

•  Can be used in tandem with Mela-fix

Note: 16 ounce Pimafix can treat 2,400 ……….gallons

           64 ounce Pimafix can treat 9,600 ……….gallons

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Fungus and bacteria are just part of pond life.  Sometimes things get out of hand and your fish end up with a nasty infection.  Pimafix is used by many pond owners due to its natural ability to combat fungal infections as well as bacterial infections.  Derived from the West Indian Bay Tree, this treatment can be used in conjunction with its cousin, Mela-fix, to handle bacteria that may be more resistant to one treatment or another.

Note: treatment dosage is 2 tsp./50 gallons or 1/4 cup/300 gallons.  Treat for 7 days.

Note: in filtration systems, its best to remove activated carbon, turn off UV and Ozone units.

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16 oz., 64 oz.

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