Pond-Zyme Plus Pond Cleaner



  • Heavy duty pond cleaner
  • Product tested and safe for ponds with some salt as well as fresh water 
  • Cleaner ponds equal longer fish and aquatic life
  • Cleans and clarifies pond water
  • Eliminates troublesome organic sludge and debris to create and maintain clear koi ponds
  • 100% natural
  • Treats up to 8,000 gallons per 8 oz.
  • Safe for fish and pond plants



This 100% all natural product is comprised of specially-selected bacterial strains that immediately begin breaking down fish waste and dead algae that can cause cloudy water and sludge build up. Through a natural process of nutrient competition and enzymatic action you will enjoy reduced pond maintenance while keeping your pond water cleaner and clearer.  Allows pumps and filters to function more efficiently and reduces pond maintenance.  Safe for fish and pond plants.  Use as directed.

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8oz., 16oz.

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