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  1. Fred Trueblood says:

    Recently we applied a product called F 55 Bio Zyme to our 6,000 square foot plastic lined pond to reduce the muck level on the bottom. To our profound dismay it resulted in the death of two 15 year old koi and hundreds of mosquito fish. Can you help us with what went wrong here? We are sick about it.

    Thank you for your consideration

    • Koi-Care staff says:

      I’m wondering if you didn’t accidentally overdose- this is super concentrated as I understand it. I believe half a gallon will treat like a million gallons. I wonder if there is a possibility that the biological result of the ezymatic action released something into the water that the deleterious to your fish. My other thought is that I wonder if the product didn’t react with the plastic lining of your pond. Was there anything, chemical-wise, that was already in the pond prior to adding Bio Zyme?

  2. Carolyn Roberts says:

    Have some koi that look PG ,but they just lay on the bottom I thought they were dead.
    Really bulging sides. Do fish get tumors or something. Just worried about them just laying on the bottom. Help

    • Koi-Care staff says:

      What does PG stand for? if their sides are bulging it could be indicative of an internal infection. Do they all share the same symptoms?

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