31 Koi Diseases (and their Treatments)

  This article describes dozens of koi diseases as well as the most appropriate treatments. The sooner you can diagnose, the sooner you can treat. Its [...]

The Most Effective Tips for Koi Pond Maintenance

Koi Pond Water Testing Having a Koi pond at your home is undoubtedly the quickest way to reduce stress and anxiety that you have to [...]

Top 5 Most Common Koi Pond Problems (and their Solutions)

Having a Koi pond can not only increase the visual appeal of a property, but it can also aid in developing a passion for an environment that [...]

Why Pond Algae Occurs (and How to Get Rid Of It)

String Algae It is the case that every spring, as temperatures rise and daylight hours increase, an algal bloom occurs in almost everyone’s koi pond.  [...]

I’ve Got Koi Fry…Now What!? A Step-Wise Approach to Raising Baby Koi (with video)

                    If you just noticed that your pond now has a million little koi fry swimming around then [...]

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