5 Great Reasons to Get a Pond Kit

Have you ever been visiting with a friend that has a backyard pond and thought “it sure would be nice if *I* had a pond at MY house”.  Well, now you can. 
With pond kits you get everything you need to set up your own pond.  This option is definitely worth exploring and its especially great for those with less yard space to work with. Here are some great reasons to consider a pond kit.

All  Inclusive

Everything you need is right there.  Simply unpack it and set it up. You don’t have to worry if you have forgotten anything because its all right there.
For example, this 270 gallon kit is great if you are starting out.
8 by 10 pond kit


Pond kits are typically smaller and as such are a lot more manageable.  Think about it, which one is easier to take care of: a big house or a small house?
Here’s a kit that is just 500 gallons. Big enough to be a cool addition to your yard with fish and plants but small enough to be manageable.
DIY-Backyard-Pond-Kit 500 gal

Less expensive to buy

Different ponds kits come with different add ons like solar lights etc. but you can be sure that you won’t have to dig too deep in your pockets to afford them. 
The kits are going to be less expensive than all the components individually.  Look at it this way, if you were going to buy a car one part at a time you’re going to pay waaay more than a complete car. 
Here’s a 270 gallon pond kit on Amazon for only $87.  For just about the same price here’s a 270 gal. kit by Beckett.  For folks with limited space especially these kinds of set ups are great.
Beckett Water Garden Kits 270 gal

Low operating cost

Especially if you get solar lights but even if you don’t smaller ponds have smaller pumps (air and water) and therefore lower electricity needs.  A smaller amount of water means less chemicals are needed when you do have to add.

Less work to install

Whether is a pre-formed shell type of pond or its a pond liner, you will much less digging and yard prep to do to install your new pond.  Conversely, if you ever move and want to take your pond with you its a whole lot easier to reverse the process.
Many folks that have larger ponds simply have to leave their pond and fish behind when they move.
Pond kits can be a great solution for those with the I-want-a-pond blues but sometimes you may get algae or your fish may have something strange going on with them.
No problem.  Koi-Care is here to help.  I have resources that cover all the potential issues that may come up with pond ownership. 
Just check out this article for algae or this article for koi diseases.  As long as you get your water quality right you will avoid 90% of pond or fish problems.
koi Pond Kits

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