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What is Koi-Care?

Hi, I’m Grant and I’m a veteran fish biologist.  I love fish and so do you -that’s why you’re here!  I like to raise koi and tackle issues surrounding them and the water they live in. Big pond or small, come on in!

What Koi-Care Does

This site is here as a resource for folks that have koi ponds but want to know more.  You will find information on this site that covers fish diseases, water quality issues, algae issues and a whole lot more.

What You’ll Find Here

You will find in-depth articles on lots of the common koi pond issues.  You will also find koi pond “stuff” that you may need to solve a problem or make your pond a better place for your koi.

Do you have koi, water or any other koi pond related question?

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Get Started

If you are brand new to koi pond keeping its best to begin by looking at how some basic biological processes happen in your pond.