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I have been interested in fish for over 25 years. I have two degrees in marine science with a specialization in fish ecology and physiology (as well as a chemistry minor). Like many kids, I had a goldfish growing up but decades later took care of several koi ponds. Koi are such great pets and very accessible for many folks wanting to get into owning koi in a pond environment.

(Koi Inspired) Handcrafted woodworking at its finest

Local woodworker, Shawn Coles, has finished one of his biggest projects he has worked on. The owner of Silver Fox Creations makes creative and unique custom pieces, using some of the best wood possible. The recent project he worked on was of koi fish. It was a project which represented a lot of what he [...]

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Monmia Primary School to host its annual art fair

More than 300 art works will adorn the walls at Monmia Primary School later this month.  “We learnt about koi fish in Japanese and art classes,” Miss Farrugia says. “I like how they are swimming around the plants.” See Article

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Koi Carp fish donated by grieving relatives to Holmsford Bridge Crematorium in Dreghorn have been stolen

Various koi carp fish which had been donated by grieving relatives to a crematorium have been stolen. See article.

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Couple spark fury after posting a pic of them cooking a KOI CARP that are considered treasured pets and can fetch up to £2,500

  THIS is the bizarre moment one family sparked fury when they decided to fry up pet fishes worth thousands of pounds.  More...

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Koi Pond Construction: The Basics of Building your Pond

Section 1 – Choosing the location One of the biggest challenges in constructing a Koi pond is finding the right location for it. Having a koi pond that is either inaccessible or hidden defeats to the reason why you installed a Koi pond in the first place! Here are some points you should consider when [...]

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