Best All-In-One Pond Pump and Filter Combos (9 Units Compared for 2020)

Need a plug-and-play, all-in-one pump and filter for your koi pond? Don’t want to mess with trying to hook up this pump with that filter and hoping it all works out?

This article will lay out some of the best options out there for you.  You can review each one and decide which one is right for your pond based on the specific features of each one.  Get features like GPH (gallons per hour), UV bulb size and the appropriate pond size for each pump/filter combo.

Need to Just Skip to the Goods? Here’s the Top Picks…  

For example, got a smaller pond (just a couple hundred gallons) with a few fish in it and need an all-in-one filter/pump combo? No problem, we’ve got you covered.  There are several combos for that very situation. So read on to figure out what you need!

Before I get into the nitty gritty of filter and pump combos, its important to discuss a little about what the listed features actually mean.  For example, one of the most important features discussed is recommended pond size.

Because the manufacturer’s of these products don’t know what you have in your pond (i.e. fish, ducks, frogs etc.) there is no way for them to be able to tell you exactly which pump and filter unit you need.

Some folks have 500 gallon ponds with a few frogs in it while some have a 500 gallon pond packed full of koi.  Those two ponds will have very different biological activity going on.

The first pond will have a lot less waste to filter and process than the second one.  More fish and animals mean more filtration is necessary.

That’s why its important to keep in mind that the listed pond size recommendations assume no fish.  If you dig deep though (as I have done for this comparison article) I found that when you go to the manufacturer’s websites you gain more detail on what these pump and filters can actually do. 

Check out the image below. It shows two different manufacturer’s specs on recommended pond sizes with and without fish.

pond size recommendations with and without fish 2


As you can see, when a pond has fish in it, that really changes the recommended pond size. So you gotta pay attention to that when you go through these pump/filter combos below.

UV Clarifiers on Pump/Filter Combos

Most of the units discussed below have UV clarifier bulbs. Thats a really nice addition to the system as a whole and will do a great job on bacteria, viruses and green water algae.  If you want to get into greater detail on UV and all that it can do, check out my article here.  It goes into UV and pond filtration in general.


Lifegard Aquatics R442001 One Pond Filter System with Built-In UV, Pump and Fountain Jet

This all in one pond pump and filter from Lifegard Aquatics is available in three sizes to suit small, medium, and large ponds. Additional filtration capacity can be added at a later time, as well. What is shown above is the single, there is also the double (1500 gallon ponds) and the triple (2000 gallon ponds).

This unit adeptly cleans and maintains ponds with two-stage high capacity mechanical filtration, a 13 watt UV sterilizer, convenient UV light indicator, and biological filter for bacteria growth.

The maintenance handle makes it easy to remove this pump and filter from the water and move as needed. This highly rated unit has received excellent feedback from customers, with a nearly perfect 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

Anyone looking for a streamlined all in one pond pump and filter that they can add to on at a later date can benefit from this Lifegard Aquatics product.

  • High power UV
  • GPH rating is unknown
  • Can increase filtration later


Goplus 4 in 1 Pond Filter Pump, 660 GPH Fountain Pump w/ 9-Watt Sterilizer and Fountain Jet, All-in-One Pond Cleaning System

Ideal for anyone who wants an all in one pond pump and filter that can do it all, this product from Goplus offers four functions: fountain, filtering, UV lamp, and pumping.

Its 4-level filtering capabilities include a UV lamp, filter pad, filter stones, and filter balls for maximum filtration. The fountain function features three detachable heads to control the effect. The pumping flow can also be easily adjusted to suit.

This Goplus all in one pond pump and filter is extremely quiet considering how efficient it is. It’s powerful but also energy saving, giving it extra appeal.

The Goplus All-In-One Pond Cleaning System has received excellent feedback from customers, with a 4 star overall rating on Amazon, earning it a spot on our list.

  • Highest GPH rating
  • Limited to 1000 gallon ponds
  • 3 fountain patterns
  • Extra long Power cord

CNZ All-in One Pond Filter System with 13W UV Sterilizer 660 GPH Pump Fountain Kit

Currently listed as an Amazon’s Choice product, the CNZ all in one pond pump and filter is extremely easy to set up. With everything in one unit and just one power cord, this CNZ product is a perfect solution for small and medium ponds.

There’s no need to purchase extra filtration, as it’s all included. The filtration consists of a large coarse filter foam and three filter media baskets; filter media can be conveniently replaced with your preference.

The CNZ all in one pond pump and filter comes with a fountain attachment with three options and splitter, in the event you’d like to divert to a waterfall or other accessory, and both the fountain and splitter are flow-rate adjustable.

The 13-watt sterilizer is powerful enough to keep your pond algae-free. This submerged system seamlessly fits into your pond environment beneath the water and out of eyesight.

  • Highest GPH rating
  • Limited to 1000 gallon ponds
  • Powerful UV Bulb
  • 3 Fountain patterns



Pondmaster PMK190: 190gph Pump and Filter with Bonus Fountain Head 

Pondmaster PMK190 190gph Pump and Filter with Bonus Fountain Head

This carefully crafted all-in-one pond pump and filter from Pondmaster is perfect for small ponds up to 200 gallons. With a 190 gallon per hour pump, high quality filter kit, and a waterbell fountain head, this system offers everything you need.

The Pondmaster PMK190 comes with a 10 foot power cord. This unit is very efficient, using just 15 watts of power. With your purchase, you also get a 15-year warranty on the liner and a two-year warranty on everything else.

This all in one pump and filter is perfect for mechanical and biological filtration on small ponds and is quiet when running submerged. Currently, this Pondmaster unit is an Amazon’s Choice product and has more than 690 great reviews, earning it a spot on our list.

If you’re looking for an economically priced all in one pump and filter for your small pond, the Pondmaster PMK190 is an excellent choice for your needs.

  • Longest warranty
  • No UV
  • Inexpensive to run
  • Limited to 200 gallons or less



Aquagarden 5-in-1 Water Pump and Filter for Ponds

Aquagarden’s all in one pond pump and filter selection comes in three sizes, offering flexibility in options including 200 gallon, 300 gallon, and 600 gallon models.

The Aquagarden clear water guarantee and two-year guarantee are major perks, as well as the fact that they have over 250 high reviews on Amazon. Each model is a 5-in-1 solution offering four fountain options, an automatic LED light, a filter, a UV clarifier, and a pump.

The three stage filtration includes a coarse filter foam, medium filter foam, and a polymer wool filter pad cartridge for the ultimate results. As a plus, ceramic biomedia supports the healthy bacteria in your pond to make for an even better environment.

Aquagarden’s all in one pond pumps and filters come with a locking handle that makes it easy to move from spot to spot safely.

  • 3 Fountain patterns
  • UV only 5W
  • LED included
  • 3 Sized models to choose from


Beckett Corporation Bio Filter System with FR400 Pond Pump and Nozzles

The Beckett Corporation Bio Filter System is designed for small ponds up to 750 gallons and 18” deep, and it offers everything you need to keep your pond clean and clear.

In the box, you’ll receive a 400gph pump, a flow control valve, two extension tubes, four nozzles, and two adapters and filters. Offering both mechanical and biological filtration, this all in one pond pump and filter from Beckett Corporation encourages balanced natural flora in your small pond, and the biological filter offers long-lasting use for up to 18 months.

This system is backed by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. With its affordable price point and reliable efficiency, the Beckett Corporation Bio Filter System is a solid choice in keeping your small pond healthy and beautiful. Right now, it’s available on Amazon with free shipping.

  • Bioballs for beneficial bacteria
  • No UV
  • Excellent mechanical filtration
  • Short warranty


The Pond Guy ClearSolution G2 Filter System

This all in one pond pump and filter from The Pond Guy comes in two sizes: 700 gallon and 1250 gallon. Whether you need a complete solution for a small pond or a large one, The Pond Guy has something for you.

Each unit comes with four different types of filter media, an integrated UV clarifier and pump, diverter for fountains or waterfalls, and a fountain nozzle with three choices.

This all in one submersible pond filter system is quiet and efficient, offering a seamless appeal in your pond. The Pond Guy is a trusted source in this niche, offering both high quality items and advice.

Customer feedback for the company’s all in one pond pumps and filters is excellent. When you’re looking for an all in one system from a name you can trust, then look no further than The Pond Guy ClearSolution G2 series.

  • 2 Sized models to choose from
  • Weaker GPH rating
  • 3 fountain patterns


HALF OFF PONDS Sting Ray 1200 All-in-One Submersible Biological and Mechanical Filter

Available in either a 525 gph pump with 9 watt UV or 530 gph pump with 13 watt UV, the HALF OFF PONDS all in one pond pumps and filters come in two sizes for small and medium sized ponds.

These energy efficient and affordable units sterilize green water with UV clarifiers and feature zeolite to reduce ammonia levels. A built in diverter valve allows water to either flow to the fountain head or divert to a spitter.

Bio balls increase the surface area of the filter and help colonize beneficial bacteria. 

  • 2 Model Sizes to choose from
  • More Costly than the similar CNZ
  • 3 Fountain Patterns
  • Excellent Filtration


OASE 032218 Filtral 1200 Filter UV with Pump, 9W

Enjoy convenient all in one filtration with a UV clarifier and pump with the highly rated OASE Filtral 1200 Filter UV with Pump. This trusted all in one pond pump and filter provides four stage filtration that mechanically and biologically cleans ponds up to 1200 gallons.

While many of the other options on this list were geared towards smaller ponds, this is among the best choices for larger ponds. With a 250gph pump and 9 watt UV clarifier and two-filter foams, you can depend on the Filtral 1200 to keep your pond clean and clear.

With the nozzle removed, the Filtral can also support a waterfall or stream with its diverter valve. Create water displays with the three included nozzles, and adjust to your water depth with the included telescoping nozzle tube.

If you’ve been searching for a reliable all in one pump and filter for your pond, then check out the OASE Filtral 1200.

  • OASE has a 71 yr history
  • Model 700-lower GPH rating
  • 2 Model Sizes to choose from
  • More costly than other similar units
  • 3 Fountain Patterns


When you set out to find the right pond pump and filter combo its critical that you weigh all the options before making a decision. Its very important to consider how much you have going on in your pond in terms of fish, frogs and other animals. 

That will determine how much filtration you will really need. But always keep in mind that nature is there to take some of that burden too. Aquatic plants are a great at filtering excess nutrients from the water. 

Its generally a good idea to have plenty of plants in your pond- it allows for filtration as well as hiding places for fish.  Many of the pump/filter combos discussed here have built in fountains will also add necessary oxygen to your pond water (not to mention it creates a nice, relaxing environment). 

Fountains aren’t an absolute necessity, though. You can definitely add a lot more dissolved oxygen to your pond using air stones.  Aeration is so critical to your fish’s health, to learn more check out my article on pond aerators.

When you finally settle on a pump/filter and get it going, leave a comment here and let me know how it went! Thanks for stopping by.


How long does a pond UV bulb last?

Approximately 1 year

How long does it take for a UV light to clear a pond?

About 2 days to see a difference. Within 1 week your pond should look significantly different.

What are UV bulb replacement costs? 

They range based on manufacturer/brand but 5W bulbs can cost $7 all the way up to $19.81. 9W and 13W will typically be somewhere in the range of $15 to $20 dollars.

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