I’ve Got Koi Fry…Now What!? A Step-Wise Approach to Raising Baby Koi (with video)

                    If you just noticed that your pond now has a million little koi fry swimming around then [...]

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Choosing Koi Pond Plants: Pros & Cons of 11 Common Types

Adding plant life to a koi pond helps improve pond life for koi, as well as adding beauty to the pond itself. Koi owners need to make [...]

Feeding your Koi as Water Temperatures Change

Everyone knows that water temperature plays a big role in how active koi are but a koi's metabolism and ability to digest certain types of foods are [...]

“Chilled Out” Koi: How Koi Survive Frozen Ponds in Winter

  If you live in a northern climate then chances are good that you see snow and ice as does your koi pond.  Its natural to worry about [...]

Understanding Koi Pond Filtration

  Koi Pond Filtration: The Basics Koi ponds and koi keeping are gaining popularity in the U.S. and in many parts of the world. Koi ponds are [...]