Quarantine Your Koi: Why and How

Anyone that has cared for or owned koi for any significant period of time has had to isolate their fish for one reason or another. Sometimes its necessary to remove your fish in order to clean their pond or perhaps there are signs of disease that you want to prevent the further spread of -whatever [...]

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What Are the Ideal Water Conditions for Healthy Koi? (9 factors discussed)

Proper koi fish care is an ongoing process (like many things in life). There will certainly be a lot of differing opinions on the best water conditions for koi but one thing remains constant: poor water quality leads to a host of other health problems that are certainly avoidable with proper care.  Because stress originates [...]

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The Major Koi Varieties and Their Traits

Presented here are what many consider the 13 major varieties of koi or “Nishikigoi”.  There are certainly some koi practitioners that may consider there to be up to 16 varieties (and even up to 22 if one counts newer strains of koi).  This summary includes some history of the variety (where applicable) as well as [...]

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Top 15 Reasons to Have Koi and a Koi Pond

  Koi in a backyard pond Enjoying Koi pond in your backyard not only provides a charming attraction to your visitors, but it's also a great way to relax and rejuvenate at your home. There is something wonderful about the view of fish and water along with hearing relaxing and tranquil sounds of the [...]

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History of Koi Ponds

The term “koi” is derived from a Japanese word “nishikigoi”, which literally means brocaded carp. These include the ornamental varieties of common carp, which are used for decorative purposes in outside water gardens and koi ponds. However, “koi” is more of an English word and includes both brightly colored as well as dull, gray fish [...]

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