Top 15 Reasons to Have Koi and a Koi Pond

Enjoying Koi pond in your backyard not only provides a charming attraction to your visitors, but it’s also a great way to relax and rejuvenate at your home. There is something wonderful about the view of fish and water along with hearing relaxing and tranquil sounds of the water.  As well as the raising koi for the joy of it you can delight in a koi pond for its several other benefits. Let’s look at some of the benefits of having a koi pond on your property.

  1. Aesthetic appeal: Nobody can deny the aesthetic appeal that these ponds can bring to your property. It doesn’t matter, whether you have hired a high-end designer to get these ponds designed or you may have designed the ponds yourself, a Koi pond can add an unparalleled elegance and style to your property or garden.
  2. Nature friendly: When you add a Koi pond to your backyard, it will also encourage the growth of eye-catching and colorful plants near the pond that will attract butterflies and birds, thus creating your own natural and peaceful space.
  3. Improves your real estate value: Any real estate agent will tell you that having a Koi pond in your backyard can enhance the marketability and real estate value of your property however the value of your property is dependent on the individual buyers interested in your property. 
  4. Normalizing your blood pressure: Having a Koi pond in your garden is one of the biggest stress relievers. Since stress is responsible for a number of heath ailments such as high blood pressure, certain heart conditions and anxiety disorders, you can help to reduce these problems by adding a Koi pond in your yard.
  5. Make money by selling Koi fish: Koi fishes are one of the most in-demand fishes and you can easily sell them at substantial profits. Selling them is easy; just participate in any fish show and sell your fish stock to interested buyers.  One of the highest prices paid for a koi was actually $850,000 but in most cases a good size koi with desirable colors and patterning will fetch a couple hundred dollars each.
  6. Symbol of style: If you have a Koi pond in your garden, it is a symbol of your style and helps you to add a certain element of elegance to your garden.
  7. Faster recovery for stroke patients: Studies have shown that the stress free environment provided by Koi fish ponds can lead to a faster recovery for stroke victims.
  8. Pleasure and entertainment for the whole family: There is something unique about watching these colorful creatures. Your whole family, especially kids, will find this really fascinating.
  9. Brings good luck: Japanese people believe that the Koi is a mystical fish that can bring fortune and good luck to any home.
  10. Get rid of negativity: Beautifully designed Koi fish ponds and the magical sound of water can relax and amaze you at the same time. This is enough to reduce any negative or depressive feelings.
  11. Koi fish can eat right out of your hand: You can place food on your hand and then lower your hand slowly; you will be amazed to see Koi fish eating out of your hand. This lovely gesture makes them even more endearing.
  12. Owner friendly pets: If you want to own pets but you don’t have any time to take care of them, then having a pond in your yard with Koi fish would be the perfect solution for you. 
most popular pets
According to, the most popular pets by numbers are freshwater fish.
  1. Get rid of insects and flies: Mosquitoes and flies are common problems with a garden, but if you add a Koi fish pond in your garden, you can effectively get rid of these nuisance-causing creatures.
  2. Koi fish ponds are easier to maintain: You can use some natural and easy methods to maintain and clean your Koi ponds. These methods include adding barley straw extract to the pond, reducing the feed and adding beneficial bacteria, among others.
  3. Long lived pets: Koi fish living to 50 is not uncommon and there is even a case of one koi living well past 200 years!

5 thoughts on “Top 15 Reasons to Have Koi and a Koi Pond”

  1. I have two tanks for filtration for coypond. One is brushes , middle one is emty then outlet. The second tank is sponge. Which one goes first. In which order

    • Generally speaking, you want to position the order of the filtration such that the more coarse material is first then gets finer as you go down the line.

  2. I have had a pond for about 15Yrs. I have 5 Koi who are now to big for the pond. They are between 18 and 24 inches and there are 5 of them. I need to build a bigger pond how big does it need to be?


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