9 Good Reasons to Breed Koi

Imagine being your own boss and hanging out with your finned friends all day.  Its koi breeding and its probably a lot more enjoyable and lucrative than you realize.  Its not the kind of thing where you hang out in a hammock and drink lemonade, there is some work involved to maintaining an awesome environment for your fish to thrive but its satisfying and rewarding- what more can you ask for?  From the financial benefits to the health benefits, there’s lot of good reasons to get into koi breeding. Read on for more. 

Koi can be sold for insane prices

One show koi sold for a whopping $147,000.
Your average koi pond owner isn’t typically in the market for a $100,000 fish but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell certain specimens for $5000 a piece. The range of sell prices on koi can be as low as $15 to thousands.  And of course with new technologies in breathable shipping bags koi can be shipped across the country with confidence.

A female can lay 500,000 eggs at a time

That’s a lot of potential koi babies!
What a great system! You have a breeding pair of koi and they just keep making more koi year after year.  Smaller koi pairs will produce fewer eggs but its still plenty for a koi breeding operation.

Koi can live very long

One koi was documented to have lived 226 years!  That’s a long lived business partner.  Imagine just 10,000 eggs per spawn multiplied by decades and decades of spawning.  How about multiple breeding pairs?  You can start to see the huge potential there.
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Koi can survive the winter under the ice

Don’t have pond heaters? That’s okay, just breed koi in the warmer months. Don’t want to move south? That’s okay, you can have a summer-only koi breeding business because your koi will be just fine under ice.

Having koi and a pond has been shown to reduce blood pressure and anxiety 

Having pets in general is known to reduce blood pressure and especially when you have a fish pond with falling water. The action of falling water has been shown to create negative ions which increase a chemical called serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for relieving stress and anxiety.
 koi lower blood pressure

Having a koi farm makes you your own boss  

You are the master of your own destiny.  If you ever get tired of the ol’ 9-5 grind consider koi ponding.  Its satisfying, its back to nature, its you guiding your own path. Some additional information on what to look for when buying breeding stock like “how much are koi fish?” and signs of fish health can be found here.
self employed

Interest and demand in koi fish is steady over the years

Freshwater fish is one of the most popular pets in America.  In fact as Baby boomers look for hobbies, many of them are turning to koi pond keeping.
pets by popularity
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Each new batch of koi spawned is another opportunity to see exciting new colors and patterns

Experience the satisfying and rewarding of koi breeding where each new spawn produces a while myriad of new and different colors and patterns.  You never know, there may be a few exceptional and sought after patterns in any batch.
colorful koi

Breeding koi is fulfilling

Breeding koi and producing thousands of colorful fish that will enhance so many pond owner’s lives gives you a sense of accomplishment.  Too often people get stuck in jobs that aren’t fulfilling.  Consider koi breeding where you get to see the fruit’s of your labor every day.
Bonus:  Think you have to quit your job to pull this off?  No way! As long as your operation is on the smaller side and your filtration (link) is solid you can certainly get away with having a regular day job then tend to your pond in the off hours.  Its a great way to enter the world of koi breeding without risking too much.  

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